Former fireboat station and railway lodge

STATION is a small two roomed red brick building, former fireboat station and railway lodge, constructed in the mid 1890’s on Bristol Docks. During the blitz the crew of the fire-float ‘Pyronaught’ extinguished fires around the docks with water pumped directly from the river.

Since April 2000, the building has been in use as an artist studio and exhibition space providing a space for artists to produce work as well as the opportunity to develop an intimate dialogue with the building and its surroundings. Since its launch there has been an evolving programme of works exhibited in the space, often developed by artists in residence without the constraint of time.

As the front door faces the cobbled dockside where passers by are in abundance, STATION offers a creative space where artists can develop and exhibit their work, and a context for artists and audience to meet in a spontaneous way, where questions can be asked about the role of the artist in society, bringing artists closer to the public and the public closer to artists; particularly the working process of artists who work on-site.

Previous funding for STATION has included Arts Council England, Arnolfini, The Henry Moore Foundation, INIVA and South West Screen.

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